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Welcome to our website! We are the premier coffee roaster for luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants and coffee purveyors. Our clients expect the ultimate in service and quality. It is our mission to meet or better their expectations.


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    Thanks Gill. That’s sweet!

    Tina Roberts  317 Spring St. SE Gainesville, GA 30501 (678)316-8074

    From: NUANZ [mailto:NUANZ@EARTHLINK.NET] Sent: Monday, August 17, 2015 3:32 PM To:; Dean Adams <>

    Subject: coffee delivery

    Tina Dean I have sent the coffee order via UPS. I miscalculated the weight and loss during roasting so I came up short. I finished out the order with SUMATRA KOPI the same coffee in the movie The Bucket List…..but without the Sivits cat process in the mix!! Great coffee….very pricey but my error is your gain. The packages are labeled and use the coffee as you like….special customers….home brew……..etc….ENJOY!!!!! The coffee I roasted for Two Dog is El Salvador Santa Maria that has the cupping notes of dark chocolate and caramel. Have a great week!!!

    - 2 Dog Restaurant and Catering

  • Nuanz Coffee Roasters and Tea Merchants has been providing us with coffees and teas since we opened our shop and they have been amazing. Both casual and frequent coffee drinkers alike love the great, fresh roasted coffee. The teas we order are high end triangle mesh tea bags for optimum infusion.

    - Amelia Island Coffee