NUANZ is not a well known name. Its not because we do not promote the name NUANZ. Our niche market is much smaller than corporate roasters. NUANZ brand is not a grocery store brands. The NUANZ brand is FRESH ROASTED coffee.

Coffee is an agricultural product. Once it is picked, processed and roasted, coffee has the same shelf life as any other agricultural product. The typical consumer has been convinced, by seventy-five or more years of marketing, that coffee, has a shelf life of months. If coffee had the same visible characteristics of produce that has lost its profile and gone off, the typical consumer would not buy any coffee from any place that did not have a roaster on premise.

No consumer would buy soft carrots, wilted lettuce, stale bread or meats that have an off color and odor, because consumers know the signs of products that are not fresh. So what does coffee look like or smell like that is not fresh? How long does it take coffee to go bad? There is no telltale sign for coffee unless you are familiar with the aromas and tastes of coffee just hours off a roaster. The fact is, coffee is stale approximately 2 weeks off the roaster. Which means that the majority of coffee that the typical consumer buys, is stale.

The scheduling and logistics it takes to deliver FRESH ROASTED coffee to our clients is very time consuming. At NUANZ we DO NOT stock ANY roasted coffee. Each week we start all over again and roast fresh for EACH and EVERY client. Does it make our business profile more difficult? The answer is yes, but we know that our clients are getting the freshest coffee delivered to them on the planet and that is worth all the extra work!