Roasting coffee since 1988, before coffee was cool NUANZ opened St. Ives Coffee in a small town north of Atlanta. St. Ives was one of a few across the nation that began, what is now known as Artisan Coffee Roasting. A special place for many to enjoy fresh roasted single origin coffees. Names of exotic coffees that were foreign to the public but fast became highly sought after. All of which seem passe today.

NUANZ sold St. Ives in 1996 and reopened in another small town north of Jacksonville FL. Today we are proud to be the exclusive roaster for some of the finest hotels, resorts, restaurants and of course coffee bars in the nation. NUANZ to this day maintains the same relationships we had many years ago, to obtain great estate coffees for high end clientele that appreciate not only artisan coffee roasting but receiving coffee just hours off our roaster.

It has always been our forte to bring the freshest coffee possible to the table for our patrons. Long ago John Q Public was marketed falsely that coffee that was supposed to be fresh but actually had been sitting in a warehouse and on grocery shelves for months. The major corporate roasters convinced the public that coffee was not an agricultural product. Of course, coffee is an agricultural product and loses it profile and potentials just as a loaf of bread,fruits,vegetables and meats. If coffee had the physical appearance of wilted lettuce or soft apple,the public would never had been duped.
Welcome to NUANZ where if you could buy it in a store, it would be in the produce department!